Festival Glatt & Verkehrt 2010

Samstag 31. 07.  Winzer Krems 18:00

Sonagi Project feat. Okkyung Lee & Hahn Rowe / Korea, USA
JANG JAE HYO vocals, janggo, kwenggari
RYU SEUNG PYO janggo, kwenggari
YIM MI JOUNG janggo, kwenggari, buk
KIM HANA janggo, kwenggari, buk, jing
AN DAMI janggo, kwenggari, jing
HAHN ROWE violin, electronics

The music of the Sonagi Project rests on two pillars: the traditional music of the Korean peninsula, including elements of Shaman rituals, and a cosmopolitan sensibility for rhythm.

The two-membrane jang-gu drums, gongs and pansori chants are the sound basics in a Sonagi Project concert. But what is so special about Korean music? Ensemble head Chang Jae Hyo Chang: “If China has a wonderful diversity of harmonies and Japan a deeper relationship to sound itself, then Korea may be the rhythmical face of this part of Asia.”

The quintet regularly offers workshops and likes to work with artists from other styles. For their performance at Glatt&Verkehrt this implies the encounter with two extraordinarily versatile representatives of the Korean avant-garde diaspora in New York: cellist Okkyung Lee terms herself a “professional noise maker” and published CDs with titles like “I saw the ghost of an unknown soul and it said…” or “Check for monsters”. In 2010 she worked as Artist in Residence in Krems. The Sonagi Project’s second guest for this night is Hahn Rowe, who has worked with Brian Eno, David Byrne and R.E.M., as well as in numerous film and theatre projects, and who, according to his own words “strums around on the guitar, saws on the violin” and “operates knobs”…

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