‘Kumiroda’ on sale today! 22 Aug 2020

Our second album “Kumiroda” is finally on sale today!

쿠아트로 미니말의 두번째 앨범
KUMIRODA 발매! (2020년 8월 22일)
전세계의 다양한 디지털 플랫폼,
일본 오프라인 매장 등에서 구입 가능

The avant-garde artists from Mexico City Juan Pablo Villa (Vo) and Fernando Vigueras (Gt), the Korean traditional music heavyweight Chang Jae-Hyo (Vo, Per), Japan Far South maverick Sakaki Mango (Gottan, thumb piano), all together welcoming the Argentinean Neo folklore superstar Mariana Baraj (Vo, Per) for an insolite encounter between roots music and contemporary music, a spin-off version of modern World Music tendencies.

Since the recording in Mexico and Argentina on our last tour in Latin America in Nov 2018, long has been the road, winding our lives, sticky the virus. But it is finally here, perfect disinfectant for our ears, on sale worldwide.

Cuatro Minimal ‘KUMIRODA’

Physical edition with the great artwork of Arturo Lopez Pio is available in all the good CD shops of Japan (Tower Records included). It can also be purchased on bandcamp (digital and CD). We will pack it with a bunch of love and send it wherever you are.

張 在孝 (Chang JaeHyo)
Juan Pablo Villa
Fernando Vigueras
Sakaki Mango
Mariana Baraj
Arturo López Pío

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